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We are a Euro-Japanese consortium specializing in global consulting and services, focused on finding Akiyas, houses and auctioned land in Japan, catering to foreigners looking to acquire a home, a second residence, or make a future investment in Japan.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the key to your home in Japan, where we seek not just a property but a place where our clients can find happiness.

Our Vision

We seek charming, tranquil corners, far from the hustle and bustle of the cities, at affordable prices, within reach of every budget.

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On to the Second House!

We all seek opinions about a specific product or service in our daily lives, asking those around us, gathering information through the media and the internet: we want to know the real experience of those …

Airbnb on the Hunt for Local Akiyas in Japan

Airbnb contributes $1 million to a Japan-USA regional tourism exchange program, sending Japanese tourism professionals to USA. This sprogram wants to revitalize local economies through tourism promotions, as 2024 is designated as ’Japan-USA Tourism Year.’ …