How to buy a property with Your House in Japan

Answers to the most important questions before buying a house or property in Japan.

In the heart of Japan, where tradition and modernity blend in unique harmony, lies an unusual and fascinating market: the auction of houses at affordable prices. In a country known for its meticulous approach to construction and the preservation of its architectural heritage, it can be disconcerting to discover that thousands of houses are auctioned each year at prices that defy global logic. This booming sector is much more than an opportunity to buy property at a bargain price; it’s a chance to get a glimpse of Japan’s dynamic real estate landscape and a lesson in innovation and sustainability. In this article, we’ll take you through the key details of buying a property with Your House in Japan.

At Your House in Japan, our mission is to provide our customers with a high quality, personalized property experience in the competitive Japanese market. The first action in the process is initiated by our property experts, who identify a property in their respective market areas that could be a good opportunity and communicate this to management. Management, in consultation with the experts, reviews the suitability of the property to determine whether it meets sufficient quality standards to be offered to our clients. If the property meets the quality criteria, it is ready to be marketed.

From this point on, Your House in Japan begins the process of publicizing the property through the appropriate channels so that potential buyers can express their interest in one of these properties. These properties will be updated as information becomes available to make them available to all clients who may be interested in purchasing them at a later date.

Clients interested in purchasing any of the available properties can contact us using the details on our website. We have warned from the outset – as we do in this article – that there are not many properties that offer good value for money for everyone, and that it is sometimes necessary to wait a few weeks before the most suitable offers are made available to the client.

The initial consultation – virtual for clients living outside Japan, or in person if a meeting can be arranged in Tokyo or the surrounding area – is completely free of charge. During this initial contact, we explain the nature and characteristics of the properties available, our organization’s strategies for acquiring these properties at a good price, and answer any questions, doubts or clarifications that may arise.

Once an interest in purchasing a home or property has been expressed, one of our consultants will take note of all the information required to achieve this objective, as well as all the features that the client would like to see in their future property. After collecting and analyzing the information provided by the client, our consultants will forward the file to the property expert who best meets the client’s requirements, both in terms of price and geographical location of the property to be purchased.

Depending on the type of property to be purchased or the type of sale, the property expert will guide the client in one way or another to purchase their future property or home. In both cases, the valuer will explain to the client all the steps to be taken, the procedures to be followed and the strategies to be developed in the case of a property to be purchased at auction.

The valuer will assist the client and, with the client’s prior consent, act on the client’s behalf to bring the purchase to a successful conclusion. The valuer will also translate and legalize the title deeds and any other administrative formalities that need to be completed until the property is in the client’s hands.

At Your House in Japan we are committed to facilitating the process of buying a property in Japan and to providing a comprehensive service that meets our clients’ expectations. If you have any doubts, questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at and we will be happy to help you at any time.