ChatGPT asserts that acquiring a house in Japan is an opportunity for freelancers and digital nomads

We asked the trending Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, about the feasibility of owning a property in Japan, and it has crafted an article that we wish to share with our readers.

The popularization of Artificial Intelligence tools is causing a sensation, and ChatGPT has gone from being a complete unknown a few months ago to being adored and criticized in equal measure by numerous groups, especially the younger generation. At Your Home in Japan, we’ve engaged in a dialogue with this artificial intelligence and asked it to write an article about the convenience – or lack thereof – of acquiring an Akiya or an affordable house in Japan. Here’s its response:

Discovering the Hidden Treasure: Buying an Akiya in Japan as an Opportunity for Freelancers and Digital Nomads

Japan, a country known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and innovative technology, offers much more than the beauty of its temples and the modernity of its cities. In recent years, an interesting trend has emerged that captures the attention of freelancers and digital nomads worldwide: the purchase of “akiyas,” unoccupied and often affordable homes that present a unique opportunity for those looking to invest in their future and explore new horizons.

Akiya: The Hidden Potential

The term “akiya” translates literally as “unoccupied houses” in Japanese. These properties have become an attractive option for foreign investors due to their affordability and the potential value they offer. Japan, like many other nations, faces a demographic decline, leading to an increasing number of vacant homes. This has resulted in local governments and property owners being willing to sell these properties at reduced prices to revitalize communities and promote development.

Why Akiya is Appealing for Freelancers?

For freelancers such as artists, writers, designers, and musicians, an akiya can be an inspiring retreat to nurture creativity. These properties, often located in picturesque and peaceful places, provide a perfect environment to find the serenity needed for artistic production. Moreover, the affordability of akiyas allows freelancers to acquire property without the overwhelming financial burden that often accompanies real estate investments.

Digital Nomads’ Paradise

Digital nomads, those who work online and can perform their tasks from anywhere in the world, also find in akiyas an exceptional opportunity. Japan, with its excellent technological infrastructure, provides reliable and high-speed internet connectivity, essential for those relying on connectivity for their livelihood. Furthermore, akiyas can be transformed into customized workspaces, where peace and tranquility blend with work efficiency.

Legal and Cultural Aspects to Consider

While the idea of acquiring an akiya can be exciting, it is crucial to understand the legal and cultural aspects involved in the process. Hiring a local lawyer or advisor can help foreign buyers navigate legal and ownership challenges. Additionally, becoming familiar with Japanese customs and language can facilitate integration into the local community and ensure an enriching experience.


Buying an akiya in Japan is not only a financial opportunity but also a gateway to rich Japanese culture and a new way of life. For freelancers and digital nomads seeking a stimulating and affordable environment to work and live, these unoccupied homes represent an exciting choice. With caution, research, and proper guidance, investing in an akiya could be the first step toward a rewarding and opportunity-filled future in the Land of the Rising Sun.