On to the Second House!

We all seek opinions about a specific product or service in our daily lives, asking those around us, gathering information through the media and the internet: we want to know the real experience of those who have already tried a product or service. Today we present one of our clients, Chidotaku Fanderei, AKA Jesús Eduardo León Santos.

Graphic designer, influencer, expert tour guide, and great connoisseur of Japanese popular culture, the Mexican Chidotaku Fanderei, known as Jesús Eduardo León Santos, was one of our clients who trusted the services of Your House in Japan, acquiring his house in Japan thanks to our services. In this interview, Jesús Eduardo shares his experience and how he managed to make his dream of owning a house in Japan come true with the help of our consortium, as well as details of his journey that can inspire many others.

What motivated you to acquire a property in Japan?

Japan is a country whose society I admire greatly, and I definitely identify with it a lot. From the first time I came, I felt at home.

How was your experience working with our services?

The services offered were very clear, and the attention was very kind and accommodating. In this process, I realized that attempting to do it on my own would not have been possible.

What types of properties were you looking for?

I had seen that the prices for used apartments were not very high, so I wanted to invest in one. I planned to buy something economical for one person initially and later purchase another in Tokyo.

Despite it being a somewhat lengthy process, how was the relationship with our experts?

Everything was excellent; they were always very attentive throughout the process. It exceeded my expectations. The personalized service they offer has been incredible.

Were there any difficulties in the process?

Yes, there were delays, but it was mostly due to the property owner not having all the necessary documents for the sale. However, I was prepared for a slow process, so patience was key.

How has your experience as a homeowner in Japan been?

Good. I haven’t been here for more than a month, but it feels great. I’m already looking forward to having my friends over to enjoy the property.

Did you feel supported and helped throughout the process?

Yes, I felt I had all the necessary support for the process.

Would you recommend our services to others interested in acquiring properties in Japan?

100% recommended: always attentive. It feels more like having a friend rather than just an agent supporting you through the entire process. I am very grateful to have found them and that we were able to complete the purchase… And now we’re onto the second house!

The story of Jesús Eduardo, also known as Chidotaku Fanderei, is an inspiring testament to how it is possible to realize the dream of owning a house in Japan. His experience with Your House in Japan stands out not only for the success in acquiring his property but also for the constant support and guidance he received from our consortium throughout the process. With his enthusiasm for Japanese culture and determination, Jesús Eduardo has found not just a home in Japan, but also a group of friends ready to help him continue achieving his goals. If you too dream of owning a house in Japan, contact us and take the first step. And who knows? Like Jesús Eduardo, you might soon be on your way to acquiring your second house.